Leisurely, not too bitter, beer that provides a unique feeling of full taste. In every sip of this beer, you will feel the tropical flavor of ripe mango, juicy mandarin and mild bitterness of grapefruit. Beer created with the aim to refresh you during summer days, and in cold days to remind you that summer can be with you whenever you want it. Basic information: ethanol content 5,5%, basic wort extract 13,3%, color 52 EBC, bitterness 40 IBU


Perfectly balanced relationship of fruity aroma and taste of barley malt on the palate leaves a feeling which real beer lovers can not resist to. Moderately bitter , moderately aromatic and incredibly drinkable, are words that best describe the taste of the Golden Ale. Basic information: ethanol content 4,2%, basic wort extract 12,1%, color is 12,6 EBC, and bitterness 30 IBU


“simply slides”, will tell anyone who tries this type of beer. A typical representative of the Belgian wheat beer spiced with citrus peel, coriander and chamomile. Beer made from a combination of wheat and barley malt, carefully seasoned according to the recipe of the old Belgian masters. Basic information: ethanol content 4,3%, basic wort extract 11,6%, color 5,7 EBC, bitterness 16 IBU


If you want to feel all the aroma of hops and its flower in one gulp , then, this is the mug of beer ideal for your table. Premier pilsner is easy, a smooth and refreshing beer with a slight malt base and bitterness that provides the perfect balance of flavor. Basic information: ethanol content 4,5%, basic wort extract 11%, color 9 EBC, bitterness 38 IBU

PREMIER porter

You are fans of Porter wine, liqueurs and chocolates? Beer of dark brown color, full taste, expressed aroma of coffee obtained from roasted malts used in the production process. A representative of the English port beer, beer that which with its extract and alcohol, provides strength and durability. Try Premier Black beer and awaken the senses with full taste, freshness and softness of every sip. Basic information: ethanol content 5,5%, basic wort extract 16%, color 153 EBC, bitterness 50 IBU.

Imagine a gentle foamy caramel taste that slides down the throat. Premier lager, is atypical lager for the domestic market, unique, and is an indicator that lager beer not only tastes poor beer as generally are encountered in the market of industrial beer. Copper color and caramel taste make this beer perfect for every season. Basic information: ethanol content 3,9%, basic wort extract 10,9%, color 21 EBC, bitterness 15 IBU